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Construction Contracts Demystified

As a young entrepreneur are you facing challenges in understanding and drafting various contracts? As students in the field of procurement are you trying to understand the nuances of contract agreements?

If yes, your search ends here!

“Construction Contracts Demystified” is a straightforward manual that simplifies the complicated process of transforming blueprints into buildings. From the crucial tender document, where project aspirations are laid out, to the final brushstroke of construction, each step is explained subtly. Whether you’re a student in this subject or a young entrepreneur, “Construction Contracts Demystified” is your practical handbook for smoother contract discussions and agreements.


Want to become a pioneer in the field of construction contracts?

Compiled from various perspectives, this book addresses common challenges, promoting clearer understanding and healthier business relationships. It provides fresh insights on standard concepts like FIDIC, NEC, and much more, propelling you to become an industry expert.

Manish Mohandas is a construction management professional with a broad background in overseeing diverse construction projects across India, the Middle East, and, more recently, the Maldives and Colombo. His extensive experience includes managing the entire lifecycle of projects, such as plotted developments, affordable housing, villas, and high-rise buildings, from initiation to handover. Manish has also made various contributions to the Project Management Institute (PMI), USA since August 2019.

Explore Construction Types of Contracts and various legal entities Worldwide!

Within the pages of this meticulously crafted book, you will be introduced to several legal aspects of construction in India as well as 30+ other countries that you might not have heard of before.


Navigating Contractual Challenges

Given below are a few pain points that could be experienced by the reader:

Strains in relationships with clients and vendors due to poor understanding of contracts and agreements

Losses being incurred due to incorrect pricing in contracts, extended period of contracts etc

Not clearly understanding the Contracts or agreements

Perhaps also not exactly knowing who is their Client or vendor (legal position)

Simplifying Contracts for Enhanced Operations and Relationships

This book should help the readers focus on other aspects of their business or profession by providing them an understanding of contracts to the extent that they need to be aware of.

Lastly, it is also an attempt to improve the ease of doing business between companies or individuals in line with the Indian governments initiative to improve India’s global position on the ease of doing business ranking.

It is also an attempt to bring about a better understanding of contracts to help reduce disputes and thereby maintain healthy business relationships.


Please keep in mind that:

  • This book is not a substitute for expert legal opinions.
  • It aims at providing the reader with enough information to help in contract discussions and negotiations, and to arrive at watertight contract agreements for their respective businesses.

Global Impact of Standard Contracts

Global Role

Standard contracts are pivotal worldwide, establishing universally understood rules.

Facilitating Collaboration

They enable seamless collaboration among diverse individuals.

Cohesive Execution

Contracts ensure projects run cohesively across various regions and cultures.

Universal Understanding

Their presence enables clearer communication and execution across diverse backgrounds.

About the Author

A seasoned construction management professional with a rich tapestry of experiences spanning projects across Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Maldives, and Colombo. Maneesh Mohandas brings a wealth of expertise cultivated during tenures with industry leaders like Hindustan Construction Company, ALDAR Laing O’Rourke, Tata Housing, and more. His adeptness in navigating diverse contracts, including FIDIC 1999, NEC 3, and bespoke agreements, has contributed significantly to project success. Engaged with the Project Management Institute since 2019, Maneesh is committed to advancing industry standards.

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