We specialize in standardizing technical documentation for construction projects, ensuring clarity in external documents like Purchase Orders, Work Orders, Contract Agreements, and internally streamlining RFPs, quote reviews, rate analysis, drafting responses, creating test questionnaires (for recruitments), SOPs, ERP implementation, budgeting, and technical support for dispute resolution, contributing to efficient project cycles.

What can we do for you?

Writing SOPs

Essential guidelines outlining step-by-step procedures for consistency and quality in operations

Implementing ERPs

It involves integrating robust software systems to streamline and optimize an organization's various processes, enhancing efficiency and data management.

Budget preparations

It involves meticulous planning and allocation of resources to meet financial objectives within an organization or project.

Technical Support on Dispute Resolution

Dispute resolution swiftly resolves conflicts, ensuring project flow and preserving partnerships.

Training on Procurement and Contracts

Get trained in procurement and contracts for expert project execution and negotiation prowess across diverse industries.

Standardize Contractual Responses Drafts

Standardizing contractual responses streamlines communication, ensuring clarity and consistency in agreements.

Standardize External Technical Documentation

Ensure clarity in construction projects by standardizing Purchase Orders, Work Orders, Contracts, and Consultancy Agreements. Prasamviidah enhances transparency with consistent and precise external technical documentation.

Standardize Internal Documentation

Optimize operations with Prasamviidah's expertise in standardizing internal processes. From RFPs to rate analysis, we streamline internal documentation for seamless organizational workflows.

Conducting Tests for Recruitments

Identify top talent efficiently. Prasamviidah conducts recruitment tests, ensuring strategic hiring decisions for junior roles in procurement. Streamline your hiring process with our targeted assessments.

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